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Pretty Places and Naughty Kittys

Yesterday my ole man and I decided to set the worries of the world aside and drove out to one of our favorite places on the planet, the Oregon Coast. We’ve been to many beautiful places and I know we’ll be to many more but this is our place, always waiting in its peaceful grandeur. It blows my mind that we live amongst such beauty.

My State



In the evening we came home to our cozy house and to the shenanigans of our crazy old cats..well one in particular, our grey boy Seymour. He is the spring chicken of the household¬† at 14 years old, and last night he decided it would be a good idea to climb the pear tree right onto the roof in hot pursuit of a bird we assume. Of course he got himself stuck up there! We tried to coax him down with little cans of feline junk food.¬† He wasn’t having it though and we spent a few hours listening to him moping around up there…and plaintively meowing from the eaves. We finally got him down with a little creative thinking that involved a ladder and large cardboard boxes made into a ramp that we connected from the roof to the tree. He was rewarded for his naughtiness with lots of snuggles and a nice can of Fancy Feast. It was well deserved for all the chuckles he provided.

Bud the Fossa


Naughty in Action

Below is Olivia, the Queen of the house. She is seventeen years old and 23 pounds of perfection. A big old girl but also the tiniest baby in the world!


And in our yard the blue blue sky and the big big trees….

 twilight trees


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