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I have been chatting with people about their dreams and asking them to share one or two that stand out, for whatever reason, in the overall scope of their personal dream land.

Recently, James Mercer of The Shins and I hung out and talked about dreams while I snapped some pics.  He was a sport, grabbing random things as props and creating different characters with them but he also spent plenty of time just being himself – an earnest, intelligent and funny guy. We had a good time and he told me this doozy of a dream.


I just woke from this dream..

i was walking in a pleasant little wooded area
sort of like a place i had known as a kid
with a stream and wild roses
someone was watching me
I was chased by some invisible thing
and then blink
I had been taken prisoner
i was on a glacier with two other people
an older man and his thirty-ish daughter
we had to navigate our decent from a terrific height
it was nearly hopeless
there was an audience
it was a tv show
I found a way to get a little ways down this ledge we were on
the height was ridiculous
the fear was intense
i slid accidentally to a lower area and had to quickly jump across a huge gap
the ice cliff crumbled in my arms as i grasped it
the lady tried to follow and her father and i watched her fall
as she fell we quickly realized there was no hope… she was to die
then the next level
i had blonde hair
kind of like a b actor from a jungle movie
i was with two other people
we’d been drugged
we were on a platform with several piles of rope
we had to pick one and try to climb down hoping it was long enough
i decided to go first
my rope went pretty far
there was bamboo below
it looked pretty high but maybe i could jump
i jumped and it was too far
i was hurt… i lost
one more level
I was super big
I was put in a giant pen
there were spectators all around and tv cameras
a giant gorilla sat slumbering
the people who took me exploded some sort of grenade near him
it infuriated him and he attacked me
this was what they wanted
i had to battle this massive ape
it felt like a video game
something like cyber sled if you remember that one
no sled though just running and jumping over fences
to get away from this raging beast
he could talk though.. i heard him say to himself
when he jumped this really big
fence to get to me “he’s up to his wicked ways again”
the arena floor was dirt
The Ape Could Talk:
James Mercer
James Mercer


James Mercer

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James Mercer
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