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Tim Rutili of Califone and I sat down recently and talked about dreams. He has a lot of strange ones, as I suspected he would..but recently he has been having a series of dreams where he inhabits a group consciousness which is fascinating stuff.  Besides creating incredibly compelling music, Tim has written and directed his first movie, All My Friends Are Funereal Singers starring the band members of Califone, Angela Bettis and their longtime friend and Chicago local Reid Coker.  All My Friends Are Funeral Singers recently  screened at the Sundance Film Festival to great reviews and the movie is described on it’s official site as such, “Zel is a fortune teller and shares her home with a group of ghosts who help her remove clients’ aches and pains, advise gamblers, and channel cranky spirits to check on their loved ones. When a mysterious light appears in the woods and the ghosts realize that they are trapped, Zel is forced to come to terms with the origins of these spirits and let go of the only family she has ever known.” After seeing the beautiful trailer, I am eagerly anticipating seeing the film in its entirety. It’s gorgeous to look at..beautifully shot and accompanied by a Califone soundtrack. Awesome! Tim creates dreamlike music and film – so I wondered what might dwell in his real life subconscious. I knew, or strongly anticipated, his dream would be very strange ( I mean that in the best way Tim!) and he didn’t disappoint. It’s weird.
Tim tells his Dream:


those are some great pics of tim. good capturing.

tom kha gai

i second flecton’s emotion. tim has always been many people, and he improves the world by sharing what they see/hear/think/feel.


Tim has been sharing his dreams with us for a long time, long enough that his dreams have become part of the background on which my own dreams are projected. The second-best Califone concert I have seen was in a dream. (The first-best Califone concert I have seen was in Portland.)

A lot of my dreams take place in an unending building, rooms and stairways and hallways and doors leading in every direction. I was playing guitar in in one of the rooms where I hang out a lot in dreams, and heard music coming from the other side of the wall. Despite the fact that the two rooms shared a wall, it took a whole journey to get to the other room… dream architecture is subtle and shifting and, like I said, this is a building that goes on forever, it just doesn’t do so in straight lines.

Right as I got to the other room Becker arrived and said “good, you’re just in time”. We went in and there was a huge Persian rug that covered the entire floor, with Ben’s (dream-enhance) percussion stuff to the left, Joe’s kit on the right, and Tim sitting on the floor holding a guitar, playing a small keyboard that was on the floor, and smoking a cigarette, all without missing a note.

I sat down and joined in on guitar and Becker grabbed a banjo. The rest of the dream was a phenomenal concert that kept swinging back and forth between mellow songs where Tim’s voice was quiet and cracking and raucous rock with everyone joining in the singing.

‘Just’ a dream, sure, but still: second-best Califone concert I have seen.


Randy, that is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Isn’t it crazy to dream music? I do that sometimes too and wake up thinking “I wrote that..and it was rad!” If only we could remember it note for note!

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