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Amy Dials’ Dream

Amy Dials Dream LandDrinkin a Beer with Dials

I’ve just returned from Portland, Oregon where I visited with friends and basked in the clean Pacific Northwest air.

One fine evening,  Amy Dials and I found a tucked away spot on Sauvie Island to drink some beers and talk about dreams.

Here is her Dream:

so this is probably the scariest dream i’ve ever had mixed with the funniest dream i’ve ever had.
but it didn’t really get funny until the end.
it was a surprise for me and i’m sure it will be a surprise for you.
ok, so…in this dream i’m in paradise. its this beach. there are people everywhere sun tanning.
it was just the most perfect day ever. and then there were these little kids and they are trying to play with me.
then all of a sudden there is about to be an eclipse so we are all really excited
so i’m explaining to the kids what an eclipse is and we are all excited and its so great
and then all of a sudden
the moon starts coming toward us
as quickly as you can imagine the moon shooting toward the earth
and then it collides with the sun and
shoots the sun out of the atmosphere
and then its just dark
and the little kids i’m playing with start screaming and crying for their mom
and their parents aren’t anywhere and i’m trying to find their parents and i’m crying
and i realize
oh my god. the sun is out of our atmosphere
this is it
this is the end of the world
this is how it ends

so this is the point where its just the scariest dream i’ve ever had. i was so scared. i don’t think in real life i’ve ever been this scared. ever.

and so..
i’m just crying on this dark beach
and then all of a sudden
this orange flashing globe thing starts heading toward us
and its coming
and i’m scared again
and it gets brighter and brighter
and its orange and its just flashing and flashing and flashing
it keeps coming closer
and we are all just standing on the beach looking at it
and then it finally gets close enough that we could see
and its flashing
and it just says
doctor. pepper. doctor. pepper.
and then all of a sudden it gets light
and its the beach again
and its sunny and everybody starts cheering
and then all these Dr.Pepper carts come out onto the beach
and they are giving out free Dr. Peppers
and people are lined up and cheering
and i’m just standing there still crying
and i’m thinking this is so fucked up
the whole thing was Dr. Pepper advertising
and they made it appear that this had happened. you know?
and so..they thought we would buy Dr. Pepper since they had artificially saved the world that was never in danger anyway

then i woke up laughing

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